By now, the pursuit of sustainability in all its facets has become an integral part of the beauty sector. As Europe’s leading beauty and cosmetics retailer, DOUGLAS is not only aware of its great environmental and social responsibility. We also want to become a driving force for ESG topics in the beauty retail sector. We are guided in this endeavour by our ethical and moral values and ideals, as well as the awareness that people and our planet will have a better future if we think and act sustainably.”

– Tina Müller, CEO

At DOUGLAS, we recognise that our company has a responsibility towards our employees, our customers and our world. In keeping with our mission To open all eyes to the beauty of uniqueness, bring it to life and make life itself more beautiful – for a world where everyone feels seen, heard and valued we are disclosing information about the actions that we are taking to live up to our responsibilities. As part of this process, DOUGLAS performed a wide-ranging analysis that ultimately led us to define our activities across four ESG pillars: Beautiful People, Beautiful Products, Beautiful Planet and Beautiful Governance.

On the following pages you can find information on these areas, as well as on our sustainability strategy overall. More details on all of these topics can be found in our current ESG report for our fiscal year 2020/2021, which can be found here.