Beautiful Products

Everything we do at DOUGLAS comes back to the products we sell – whether it is our unrivalled range of own brands – known as DOUGLAS Brands – or our outstanding offering of beauty products from our brand partners. In both areas, sustainability is of utmost importance: with our DOUGLAS Brands we want to become a sustainability frontrunner and benchmark as we directly influence the products development and production. As one of the largest sellers of beauty and cosmetics products from brand partners with almost 200,000 different items on offer, DOUGLAS has the chance and the responsibility to work together with the cosmetics and beauty industry to foster sustainability.

Looking at both our own brands and our assortment from brand partners, we have organised our efforts to offer beautiful products around four pillars:

Clean beauty: To offer customers more guidance on products without critically discussed ingredients, we have developed a Clean Beauty Label for our DOUGLAS Brands encompassing products that refrain from using a list of certain controversial ingredients. This list is updated at regular intervals to take account of the latest scientific findings. In both areas, our own brands and our brand partners assortment, we want to ensure that more of the products within our overall assortment comply with our Clean Beauty Policy.

Respecting nature: We only have one planet. That’s why it is important that we respect nature by offering products that meet our customers’ growing demand for vegan, organic and cruelty-free products.

Circular economy: With our planet’s resources growing increasingly scarce, keeping the maximum amount of materials in the loop is imperative. In light of this, embracing circular economy principles is set to become more vital for society as a whole.

Local and trusted: We believe in promoting products made by local and trusted sources, an approach that reduces transport distances, develops local communities and safeguards the origin and processing of our ingredients. Going forward, we want to look for opportunities to relocate more manufacturing to the EU.


LET’s DO BEAUTIFUL And stop plastic from entering our oceans

Douglas is proud to partner with Plastic Bank, a global social enterprise, and support their action in preventing ocean plastic waste by empowering local communities. Buying one product from our Douglas Home Spa or Essential products will prevent 2 plastic bottles from polluting oceans. Help us reach our goal of stopping the equivalent to 10 million plastic bottles.