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Douglas is one of the leading retailers in the European beauty industry
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We encourage and inspire you to have the confidence to live

your own kind of beauty.


Douglas is one of the leading retailers in the European beauty industry and has set its goal to further expand its position as the no. 1 beauty destination, both online and offline. Our aspiration is rooted deeply in the company’s heritage: For nearly 200 years, Douglas has always stood for premium cosmetics.

The way forward as well as future success factors are defined by the Douglas strategy #FORWARDBEAUTY. Douglas is becoming more digital, more innovative and more modern. However, we remain true to our heritage of premium selective beauty cosmetics. #FORWARDBEAUTY defines five strategic priorities at Douglas:



Douglas is reshaped to a modern and premium brand.


Douglas stores transform from a point of sale to a point of experience focusing on service and beauty advice.


Douglas will create a state of the art e-commerce platform and digitise its customer journey.


Douglas offers the most advanced and premium-oriented assortment including the DNC collection as well as new own brands.


Douglas expands and capitalises on its Beauty Card Programme via personalised 1-to-1 marketing.


The Douglas team of 20,000 brand ambassadors works on the implementation of #FORWARDBEAUTY and shares one purpose: Every day we strive to make our customers more beautiful and thus happier.