» Exclusively at Douglas - The "Engelsrufer" fragrance collection

Exclusively at Douglas - The "Engelsrufer" fragrance collection

Whether you believe in them or not, the idea that angels are all around us and that each one of us has a guardian angel is a beautiful and comforting thought. Perhaps that explains why the "Engelsrufer" jewelry line is such a huge success in Germany since 2009, and meanwhile in many other countries.

Fragrances also imbue us with their special aura. That's why fragrances perfectly match the "Engeslrufer" concept. In Germany, the new "Engelsrufer" fragrance collection, "heavenly messengers" of fragrance, are available exclusively from Douglas from now on.

The collection comprises three different fragrances for each mood and situation:

AURORA - flowery and fruity, inspired by the beauty of the morning

LUNA - an oriental bouquet, a homage to the promises of the night

LOVE - heavenly feminine, just like a loving embrace

The delicate filigree bottles perfectly match the distinct "Engelsrufer" design - each one of them a precious jewel.